Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thoughts from Ezekiel 36:25-38

God's promise to the nation of Israel:
-To sprinkle clean water on them
-To cleanse their filthiness from idols
-To give them a new heart and a new spirit
-To remove their heart of stone
-To give a heart of flesh
-To put His Spirit within them
-To cause them to walk in His statutes

All this is about Israel's purity of devotion, heart, and spirit....summed up in just the heart, the core of who they were and who they were meant to be.  All this was B.C. and all this God did and does to prove his glory.  How much more does he promise us now that Christ has paid the cost?  'I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh...'  God desired to do that for a bunch of rebellious, thick-skulled people thousands of years ago who had not yet received the gift of Jesus' sacrifice; why not now?
It goes on to say that He longs to restore our lives to fullness for His name sake.  His Holy name.  
This tells us that:
1.  Our restoration of heart and purity of devotion is a key ingredient in God's glory by his design.
2.  God is a jealous God who's name and renown are paramount--not to be profaned.

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